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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the best way to reach the highest number of readers. I am available to develop a unique recipe or entertaining post featuring your product. Please inquire to learn more about our impressive sponsored post package.

Brand Ambassadorships

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We love developing long-term relationships with family-friendly, food-loving brands! A brand ambassadorship is usually a series of sponsored posts (see above). I am open to working with you on developing an engaging and innovative campaign.


Giveaways are a budget-friendly way to spread the word about products or services. We only promote products we love and reserve the right to share our honest opinion.

Recipe Development

Ruth is available to develop a recipe. If you need clear, accurate, original recipes for your marketing, product packaging or food website, this is the package for you. Recipes are created according to your needs, to best show off your appliance, product, ingredient, brand or blog style.

Conference Attendance

We are open to discussing sponsorships for food or blogging-related conferences.

Company Events, Press Trips or Retreats

Ruth is available to attend sponsored events, trips or retreats and share with our readers through social media and/or follow-up blog posts.

Food Photography (only in Switzerland)

Images are the best way to express your product. We offer food photography for your business, restaurant, shop or a blog in Switzerland.

Food Delivery / Catering (only in Switzerland)

Ruth can develop delicious finger foods, bake cakes and also assist the kitchen and service staff as needed to maintain the highest level of food quality, presentation, and timing to optimize guests dining experience.

Other Food Related Services and Ideas

Feel free to reach out for other services if you think we might be a matching for working together, we would like to hear your idea and discover more partnership possibilities.

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